Sanitary Valves

The next generation ball valves are live loaded with self-adjusting packing and a design that is specifically manufactured for high cycle applications. Tru-Flo products reduce the worries of routine maintenance expenses while lowering actuation costs by eliminating custom brackets and couplers. Double o-ring protection provides additional defense against leaking through stem and lower operating torque.

Sanitary Valves

Sanitary Product Information

Viscosity Comparison Chart

3-Way Ball Valves: Diverter vs. Multi-Port

NEMA Enclosure Types

Hazardous Locations Terminology (redirects to UL’s website)

Thermodynamic Properties of Saturated Steam

Ball Valve Seat Material Guide

ANSI B16.5 Maximum Pressure and Temperature Rating Chart

Grit vs. Ra

Check Valve Flow Rate Chart

Sanitary 3-Way (3308 and 407) Ball Valve Cv Values