3-PC Direct Mount


Features & Specifications

  • 3-piece 316 SS investment cast body and components
  • Maintenance free live loaded, self adjusting stem packing
  • 1000 PSI WOG rating
  • Optimum sealing for high cycle applications with V-ring chevron packing, belleville washers, and two VITON® o-rings as a secondary defense against leaking
  • Blowout proof stem full port, split body design
  • ISO 5211 direct mounting to actuator
  • Various seating materials and styles available
  • SE ANSI B2.1, B16.34 Threaded (NPT)
  • BW ANSI B16.25 Butt Weld
  • SW ANSI B16.11 Socket Weld

Download Technical Information (PDF)

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