The following is a partial listing of some of the fine companies using QSM / Tru-Flo Products. Click to expand.

Food & Beverage Industry

21st Century Foods
Absopure Water Co.
ACH Foods
Adair Food Co.
Adell Whey
Advanced Food Products
Advanced Meats
Advantage Nutritional
Agri Mark Dairy
Albertville Quality Foods
Algood Foods Co.
Allen Canning Co.
Alpha Baking Co.
Alpine Cheese Co.
America’s Kitchen
American Licorice Co.
American Natural Soy
American Soy Products
American Vegetable Oil
Ameriqual Foods
Anderson Erickson Dairy
Anita Springs Water
Archer Daniels Midland
Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water
Art’s Mexican Products
Austin Foods
Authentic Specialty Foods
Bacardi Corporation
Bakery Chef
Bar S Foods
Barber Dairy Milk
Bascom Maple Farms
Bel Cheese USA
Belton Foods
Ben & Jerry’s
Berry Fresh Juice Co.
Biazzo Dairy
Biery Cheese
Biltmore Estate Winery
Biota Water
Blommer Chocolate
Bluegrass Dairy
Boars Head
Boot-Jack Dairy
Borinquen Dairy P.R.
Braswell Foods
Broughton Foods
Buckeye Valley Foods
Bunker Hill Cheese
Burt’s Bees
Butterball Farms
Butterball Turkey
Byrne Dairy
C&M Hog Farms
Cabot Creamery
Cagle Dairy
California Custom Fruits
Campbell’s Soup Co.
Cardinal Beverage
Cargill, Inc.
Carlisle Foods, Inc.
Carolina Turkey’s
Case Farms
Castle Springs
Caulkins Indiantown Citrus
CCDA Waters
Center Fresh Eggs
Central Soya
Century Foods
CFS West Foods
CG Roxane Water Co.
Chalet Debonne Winery
Chateau Morrisette
Chef America
Cherry Growers
Cherrydale Farms
Classic Caramel
Clausen Koch
Cliffstar Foods
Clover Club Bottling
Clover Farms Dairy Co.
Clovervale Foods
Coloma Frozen Food
Colteryahn Dairy
Con Agra Dairy Foods
Con Agra Food Ingredients
Con Agra Foods
Con Agra Frozen Foods
Con Agra Grocery Products
Con Agra Poultry
Coors Brewery
Cott Beverages
Country Delite Farms
Country Pure Foods
Crider’s Poultry
Crossroad Farms Dairy
Crowley Foods
Crystal Springs
Culinary Standard Foods
Cutrale Citrus Juices USA
Dairy Farmers of America
Dean Dairy
Dean Foods
Dean Pickle
Decas Cranberry
Degussa Flavor & Fruit Systems
Del Monte Corporation
Delta Pride Catfish
Derst Baking
Deser Orchards
Diamond Pet Foods
Dixon Canning
DLM Foods
Donelson Foods
Dreyers Grand Ice Cream
Dries Orchard’s
Dutch Gold Honey
Eagle Family Foods
Earthgrains Baking Co.
Elan Nutrition
Elgin Dairy Foods
Ellsworth Ice Cream
Empire Kosher
Empire Specialty Cheese
Fairmont Foods
Farmer’s Cheese
Farmland Foods
Food Ingredients Solution
Foremost Farms
Foster Farm
Franklin Baking Co.
Franklin Foods
Friendly Ice Cream
Friendship Dairies
Friskey Pet Care Products
Fuji Foods
Furman Foods
G&S Foods
Galliker Dairy Co.
Garelick Farms
Gary’s Foods
General Mills, Inc.
Georgia Nut Co.
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Givaudan Flavors
Glades Pike Winery
Goetze Candy Co.
Gold Kist
Golden Farm Foods
Golden State Foods
Golden Valley Microwave
Golden West Foods
Goldenberg Candy Co.
Gonnelia Baking Co.
Good Foods
Good Humor – Breyers
Graceland Fruit Inc.
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Great Lakes Cheese
Guggisberg Cheese
H.B. Reese Candy Co.
H.P. Hood Inc.
Hanover Foods
Haring Pride Catfish
Harlen Bakeries
Harrisburg Dairies
Hartzler Family Dairy
Hay’s Orchard’s
Heinz – USA
Heritage Farms Dairy
Hershey Chocolate – Canada
Hershey Chocolate – USA
Highland Farms
Hiland Dairy
Hills Pet Nutrition
Hillshire Farms
Hilltop Valley Dairy
Hinkley Springs
Holmes Cheese
Horizon Foods
Hormel Foods
House of Raeford
Hunt-Wesson Company
Inland Protein
Interbake Dairies
International Food Corp.
International Home Food Products
Interstate Brands Corp.
J.M. Smucker
J&J Snack Foods
K.B. Specialty Foods
Kal Kan Foods
Kelloggs Company
Kemps Ice Cream
Kerry Ingredients
Knouse Foods
Kraft Foods – North America
Kreider Foods, Inc.
Kroger Foods
L&S Sweetners
Lake View Farms
Land-O-Sun Dairies
Lawrence Foods
Lepage Bakery
Leprino Foods
Les Bourgeois Vineyards
Level Valley Creamery
Lidestri Foods
Lion Brewery
Lindt / Sprungli
Lloyd’s Barbeque
M&M Mars
Major Farms
Manning Farms
Maplehurst Bakery
Marigold Foods
Marva Maid Dairy
Master Foods
Mar-Key Foods
Maui Pineapple Co.
Maxfield Candy Co.
Mayfield Dairy
McCall Farms
McCormick Distillers
McDonald Dairy Division
McKesson Water Products
Meijer Central Kitchen
Menu Foods
Miceli Dairy Products
Michael Foods
Michigan City Baking
Michigan Milk Products Assoc.
Milk Products of Alabama
Miller Poultry
Milo Tea Co.
Minerva Cheese
Minute Maid
Monument Farms Inc.
Morgan Foods
Moroni Turkey Processors
Morning Star Foods
Motts, Inc
Mt. Olive Pickle Company
Muhlenberg Foods
Nakano Foods
Nantze Springs
Nardone Brothers Baking
Nashoba Valley Winery
Nasonville Dairy
Nasoya Food
National Chili
National Fruit Products Co.
National Starch Company
Native Stone Winery
Naturally Potatoes
Neri Bakery Products
Nestle Purina Pet Care
Nestle Frozen Foods
Nestle Prepared Foods
Nestle Water
Nestles & Nestles R&D
Nestles Confections
New England Confectionary
Nissan Food
Norse Dairy
Nuvex Ingredients
Oakhurst Dairy
Ocean Spray Cranberry
Oehme Pie Bakery
OK Foods
Olympic Foods
Opta Food Corp.
Orval Kent Food Products
Orville Redenbacher
Otis Spunkmeyer
Ott’s Foods
Ottens Flavors
Paradise Tomato Kitchens
Parco Foods
Park Farmers Inc.
Paula Mary Foods
PBX Food Corp.
Pearl Valley Cheese
Peco Foods
Pepperidge Farm
Perdue Farms
Pet Dairy
Pierre Frozen Foods
Pilgrim’s Pride
Poland Springs Water
Prairie Farms
Preferred Meal Systems
Premium Beverage Company
Progresso Quality Foods
Purity Dairy
Quaker Oats
Quality Baking Company
Quantum Foods
Quest Flavors International
Ralston Foods
Red Giant Foods
Red Gold
Reiter Dairy
Rhino Foods
Richmond Baking
Ridge View Farms Inc.
Roberts Dairy
Rocky Mountain Spring Water
Rose Acre Farms
Royale Wine
Ruiz Foods
Safeway Stores
Sanderson Farms
Sandridge Foods
Saputo Cheese
Sara Lee Foods
Schewkel Dairy
Schneiders Dairy
Seabrook Blanching
Sensient Flavors
Serenade Foods
Shasta Beverages, Inc.
Shipyard Brewing
Shultz Food Co.
Silver Springs Citrus
Simeus Foods
Simmons Poultry, Inc.
SK Foods
Slim-Fast Nutritional
Smith Dairy Product
Snow Ball Foods
Sonstegard Foods
Sorrento Cheese Co.
Southern Belle Dairy Co.
Southern Gardens Citrus
Southgate Foods
Sparboe Foods
Star Valley Cheese
Stauffer Biscuit Company
Stefano Foods
Stewart Candy Co.
Stone Mountain Valley Cheese
Sugardale Foods
SunOpta Foods
Sun Orchard
Sun River
Tamarack Farms
Tampa Juice Holding
Tasty Snack Quality Foods
Toft Dairy
Tootsie Roll Industries
Trega Foods
Tropicana Products
Tulpehocken Spring Water
Tyler Mountain Water
Tyson Foods
United Signature Foods
United Valley Bell Dairy
Uptown Bakeries
Utz Potato Chips
Valley Queen Cheese
Van De Camps
Van Drunen Farms
Velda Farms
Ventura Foods
Vermont Pure Springs
Vitality Beverage Co.
Walden Springs Water Co.
Wallaby Yogurt Co.
Wayne Farms
Weaver Popcorn
Wengert’s Dairy
Western Country Pie
White Wave, Inc.
Wick’s Pies
Wilburn Chocolate
Wild Coyote Foods
Wildwood Harvest
Willow Brook Foods
Wise Foods, Borden Inc.
Wornick Company
Y&S Candies
Zepher Hills Spring Water
Zigenfelder Ice Cream
Zook Molasses

Pharmaceutical/Consumer Goods

Abbott Labs
ADM – Bio Products
Alkermes Inc.
Allied Signal
Armstrong World Industries
Atomic Props & Effects
Badger Fire Protection
Barr Laboratories
Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Baxter Health Care Corp.
Bayer Corporation
Ben Venue Labs
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cardinal Healthcare
Carolina Cotton Works
Chester Labs
Church & Dwight
Colgate Palmolive
Cosmetic Labs
Dial Corporation
DSM Pharmaceuticals
Eisai, Inc.
Elan Pharmaceutical
Eli Lilly
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Fuji Photo Film
GoJo Industries
Griffin Scientific
H2O Plus
Human Genome Sciences Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kentucky Derby Hosiery
Kerry Bio-Science
Kinetic Systems
L’Oreal USA
Natural Biologics
Owens Corning
Pharmaceutical Associates
Phillip Morris
Proctor & Gamble
Purell Hand Sanitizer
Renfro Corporation
Ross Labs
Roxanne Labs
Sherwin Williams
Shianogi Qualicaps
Softsoap Enterprises
Starlight Candles
Tredegar Film Products
Turtle Wax
W.H.E. Bio

Chemical Industry

3M Corporation
3V Chemical Company
A to Z Drying
Adhesives Research
Agra Biofuels
Alumax, Inc.
American Dye & Finishing
Androw Fertilizer
Associated Chemists
BP Oil Company
Brady Enterprises
Bruce Finishing Supplies
Buffers & Biochemicals Corp.
Chicago Plastics Systems
Dominion Transmission
Glo-Tek Chemicals
Intercontinental Chemical Corp.
ISP Chemical Company
Loctite Company
Molded Fiberglass
Owens Corning
State Chemical Manufacturing Co.

Automotive/Aviation Industry

Complete Automation
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Goodyear Tire & Rubber
Harley Davidson
Michelin North America

Equipment Manufacturers

Brower Equipment Company
CCL Custom Manufacturing
General Tank
Hamilton Kettles
Machine & Process Design
PMI, Inc.
Sharpesville Container


ALZA Corporation
E.P. Mechanical
Herr ‘n Sacco, Inc.
Kusske Mechanical
Major Smith
National Welders
Real Mechanical
Sterling Processors
Suitt Construction Co.
TQ Construction
United Industrial Suppliers

Government / Research

National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Ctr.
U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Energy
Western Carolina Regional Sewer Auth.